Industrial, corporate and product videos

Many years’ experience in advertising together with sophisticated professional equipment are a major strong point for Studio Leon for the production of top quality industrial videos. 

Video equipment:

  • Full HD cameras – 2K – 4K
  • Crane:15 Ft – Swift Dolly
  • Camera Car
  • Genus Shoulder Rig
  • Hand stabilizer
  • DJI Phantom GPS Drone aerial filming

We have a complete, efficient organisation for the production of advertising films and corporate, professional, product presentation and documentary videos. The Studio’s video expertise ranges from the preparation to the production of creative product promotion videos, and specific directing skills in documentaries requiring a more formal approach

Corporate Videos

Corporate profile videos  are often required to give companies an institutional business card. They may retrace the company’s history, in a kind of documentary running through the stages from its foundation to the present, or include scenes shot inside the offices with views from daily life. They are produced with a variety of technological aids through to the latest innovation, drones for filming locations or the outsides of buildings.

Marketing and Product Videos

Marketing videos are becoming more and more important on the world sales scene and, especially online, they are essential to illustrate products’ distinctive features and functions to established or potential customers.

Leon enables its customers to combine the production of a Marketing Video with the photographic shoot; using the same room set, it is also possible to create the film shooting set, and the video material can be obtained for the production of 30/45 sec videos for online publication, ideal for sharing on the social networks or on the corporate website.

Advertising Films

Studio Leon makes its experience and equipment available for the production of Advertising Films. Our premises can be hired for filming advertising films and commercials, while our staff are ready and willing to work in partnership with TV crews and advertising agencies to meet our clients’ needs.
To support this service, we are able to provide set construction and outfitting, make-up room, control room, assistance for set installers, photographers or film crews, strong room, casting, transport, hotels and catering.