3D Scanner

At our facility we use the 3D Scanner technique, the utilization of a
scanning device applied to analyze a real object and collect data on its shape and color. The data thus collected can be used to build 3D models.

Digitization of artefacts

This kind of technology is very useful in various applications, such as Reverse Engineering, which consists in the analysis of the geometric and material aspect of an artifact, or as the digitization and prototyping in Industrial Design or, as in the case of our company, in rendering and photorendering.

Rendering and Photorendering

At Leon Studio, through Artec Leo ©, the first 3D scanner that offers integrated 3D automatic processing, we can insert a 3D model of a scanned physical object within a render reconstruction or photorender, in order to be able to offer high-quality advertising photographic products even without the physical presence of the artefact in question.

The opportunity to digitally recreate a photograph or a scene, before realizing it, is now a consolidated practice, which allows a quality almost equal to photography and avoids waste and loss of efficiency in the realization of different prototypes.