Room Rendering

The virtual photographic construction of indoor and outdoor locations is undertaken by a skilled team of renderers, constantly supported by the professional expertise of architects, photographers, set designers and stylists, who handle the project from the modelling, texturing and lighting phase through to the final indoor rendering.

Professional Rendering

Our facility is able to produce professional rendering of interiors for industrial product catalogues, saving the cost of the logistics involved in the transport and installation that normally precedes the photographic shoot. The digital creation of a photograph or set before its production is now consolidated practice; quality is virtually the same as the actual photograph, and the procedure avoids the waste and the loss of efficiency involved in the creation of several different prototypes.

3D room rendering

Photorealistic rendering virtually creates the photograph of a product or room which does not exist or has not yet been produced. We are often asked to provide this service during the design of a new product, or in industry for advertising ahead of a new launch when it is not possible to create a prototype first. This procedure is therefore extremely important and delicate, since it takes place entirely on the computer and combines the skill sets of our different staff. The following skills are required for successful room rendering:

  • Set designers: to decide what to include in the photograph and design the interior
  • Architects: for correct design of the set and creation of the architectural features
  • Renderers: to create the model of the main product and define background features such as floors and walls
  • Art Buyers and Stylists: for careful selection of the details of the set. The Art Buyer’s job is to complete the photograph with items that complement the set, through meticulous sourcing and presentation of ornamental pieces
  • Photographers: Photographers are still required even in 3D rendering, since they assist technical staff in deciding the best viewing angle and adding lights to develop a high product quality.