Studio Leon also offers to its customers the technique of Photorendering, the process that allows to create the final image by combining photographic shots and 3D rendering.

A versatile technique

Based on the customer’s requests, Studio Leon can either integrate a 3d render of an object in real environments (for example if the object is not available for the photographic shot), or apply photographic textures on rendered images (for example if the 3D digital texture doesn’t look realistic enough).

Images of absolute realism

When an object has not yet been produced or is not available for various reasons, it is virtually recreated and inserted into an environment.

Photorendering, therefore, is very functional when it is necessary to develop communication linked to a new product launch without the possibility of creating the prototype first.

This activity is a combination of the different skills of our staff. For a correct development of Photorendering it is necessary to make use of the competence of:

  • Renderers: to create the model of the main product and define any contour elements such as the textures of floors and walls;
  • Set designers, Art Buyers and Stylists: for the structuring of the environment and for the care of the scene details such as the choice and the position of the objects;
  • Photographers
  • Post-producers: for the perfect integration of photographic and rendering elements within the final image.