Studio Leon offers for hire its 3200 m2 multi-purpose facility subdivided into 12 room sets stages (3 of them with continuous background) and a daylight set of 250 m2 in open country, where photographic shoots can be produced with only natural day and/or evening light.
Set hire in includes photographic equipment and sophisticated lighting equipment of 150,000 Watt and 30,000 Watt/sec of flash, split between banks and fresnel spotlights.

There are also other support services:

construction and equipment of sets, make-up rooms, control room, assistance to sets, to photographers or troupes, vault, casting, transportation, accomodations, catering.

All rooms face to the outside to make easier loading and unloading vehicles.

Set hire for Photographic Shoots

Studio Leon is able to hire all its locations, from the 12 room sets stages to the daylight facility. After agreement of the hire, clients can arrange the construction of customised room sets, thanks to Studio Leon’s in-house art-director, who handles booth design, and a well stocked in-house joinery shop to support the installation of photographic sets, modifying and adapting them to the customer’s needs and requirements. The entire extent of the daylight set facility can also be used: indoor of 250 m2 with windows allowing sunlight to enter and outdoor with 15 hectares of green surroundings. Thanks to these characteristics, our Studio is also an ideal location for marketing initiatives such as events, fashion shows, congresses, exhibitions and many others.

Set hire for film shoots

Hire of one or more room set stages for filming is easy and convenient, since the facility is designed for trouble-free vehicle unloading and loading. It also has a vast assortment of on-site equipment as well as skilled staff able to assist the set installers, photographers or film crew.